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Exquisite Jingdezhen Gongfu Tea Set

Exquisite Jingdezhen Gongfu Tea Set

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Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

Jingdezhen is the ultimate in professional-level tea tasting.

This high-fired porcelain is unparalleled, and used at the competition level for the way it shows a tea's truest “highest resolution” flavor, texture and aroma.

We are lucky to work with the talented Yong Jing Tang Workshop, where they hand-throw every Jingdezhen piece for perfect precision and hand paint each beautiful adornment. The result is a level of teaware that is hard to even capture in photos, pieces that glow in the light and are a true pleasure to hold and sip from.

This set features a hand painted gaiwan, two hand-painted cups and a hand-painted pitcher for an elegant tea set ready to show off the finest teas.

Gaiwan Capacity: 140 ml

Cup Capacity: 45 ml

Pitcher Capacity: 218 ml

Includes: gaiwan, pitcher, (2) tea cups


"Each piece of hand made and hand painted Jingdezhen therefore

represents a beautiful collaboration between many different artists

and craftsmen. Through the work of a designer, the talents of many

can be organized to produce beautiful works of art that fit into the

palm of your hand."


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