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First Look: 2018 Shi Feng Dragonwell

First Look: 2018 Shi Feng Dragonwell

First Look: 2018 Shi Feng Dragonwell

a sneak peek at Mrs. Li's first harvests of the season!

March 23, 2018

Over just the last few days, Mrs. Li has been picking her first 2018 spring harvests of Shi Feng Dragonwell

This year, picking began on March 22nd, and Mrs. Li has been sending updates with new photos of picking in the tea fields, finishing tea in the workshop, and steeping the very first cup of the year.

Mrs. Li is currently accepting pre-orders for four harvests of Shi Feng Dragonwell, with two harvests of the original Longjing Qunti cultivar and two harvests of the newer Longjing #43 cultivar. You can pre-order now to reserve this fresh tea for yourself. As soon as these pickings are complete, we will be packing up the fresh tea in China as quickly as possible and forwarding pre-orders directly to you from our US-based fulfillment warehouse in Minnesota.




photos kindly provided by Li Xiaoping // March 2018

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