Verdant Tea

Golden Calligraphy Gongfu Board

Golden Calligraphy Gongfu Board


Crafted By Jianyi Workshop

This stunning walnut tea board by Jianyi Workshop features deep channels for water to flow underneath teaware, leaving the gongfu set up dry and elegant. This is particularly well-suited to brewing with yixing teapots so that tea water doesn’t pool under the pot, allowing you to maintain an even and professional patina. The beautiful grain of the walnut is allowed to come through and bring a natural presence to gongfu ceremony, while metal accents adorn the border. Elegant calligraphy inscribes the sentiment that “Time flows like water,” perfected suited to the way tea ceremony flows. This board comes with a tube and pump for draining when used in traditional gongfu ceremony with full steepings poured over yixing teapots, or can be plugged and used as a stunning surface for modern gongfu to catch drips.

  • Technical Specifications

    • length : 40 cm
    • width : 22 cm
    • height : 4.5 cm
    • weight : 4 kg
    • draining style : convertible
    • draining tube : included

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