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Golden Elegance Gonfgu Board

Golden Elegance Gonfgu Board


Crafted By Jianyi Workshop

The perfect smooth surface of this board serves to highlight the stunning polished wood grain pattern in this solid walnut, carved by Jianyi workshop. The clever design includes a center drain with an outlet hidden under the board. The wood grain is accented by elegant metal adornment, a restrained border and center line delineating space for brewing vessel and cups. This board comes with a tube and pump for draining when used in traditional gongfu ceremony with full steepings poured over yixing teapots. Of course, the surface makes an incredible backdrop for modern gongfu to catch the occasional drop as well.

  • Technical Specifications

    • length : 50 cm
    • width : 21.5 cm
    • height : 4.5 cm
    • weight : 4 kg
    • draining style : traditional tube
    • draining tube : included

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