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Golden Gingko Modern Gongfu Board

Golden Gingko Modern Gongfu Board

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Crafted By Jianyi Workshop

This refined tea board is perfectly compact, just large enough for a beautiful set up of teapot, pitcher, strainer and two cups. The channel around the outside collects water in traditional gongfu ceremony, and drains through a detachable tube and pump. The elegant walnut wood grain is accented by bold ginkgo leaf motifs and a solid banded border. This board was carved by Jianyi workshop as a perfect desktop companion for smaller spaces, and can be easily used as a modern gongfu board by plugging the drain, making it a portable and flexible gongfu solution.

  • Technical Specifications

    • length : 45 cm
    • width : 14.5 cm
    • height : 4 cm
    • weight : 3 kg
    • draining style : convertible
    • draining tube : included

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