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Green Celadon Inspiration: Shui Ji Jian Zhan Cup

Green Celadon Inspiration: Shui Ji Jian Zhan Cup


Crafted By Lin Xi

This stunning cross-pollination between the Jian Zhan and Celadon tradition brings together the depth, luster, and natural variation only possible in a SOng -Dynasty style Dragon Kiln with the glass-like crackling and smooth glazing of Longquan Celadon. This experimental series is based on Lin Xi’s growing collaboration with Li Xiangxi, Wuyi Oolong craftswoman and founder of the Yang XIan Tea Institute. Much of Li Xiangxi’s family is from nearby Longquan, and because of this personal connection to celadon craft, she has brought celadon into Wuyi tea ceremony. This cup represents that union perfectly; a hand-thrown masterpiece by Lin Xi. This cup is impressed with Master Lin Xi’s seal on the foot and comes in a gift box with Lin Xi’s signed collectors certificate.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand thrown : yes
    • hand glazed : yes
    • weight : 195.5 g
    • apprx. capacity : 155 ml
    • diameter : 7.25 cm
    • height : 7.4 cm
    • packaging : custom box
    • certificate : hand signed

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