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Hand Painted Brew Mug

Hand Painted Brew Mug

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Hand Painted De Hua Porcelain

Sometimes a mug is just right for enjoying the comforting side of tea, sipping while working, reading, or waking up in the morning. This hand painted porcelain mug features a fine strainer that fits perfectly so that you can take out your tea leaves when they are brewed just the way you like them, and a lid to keep your tea warm if you need to come back to it later. The vitrified porcelain ensures the maximum aromatics in each sip.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand painted : yes
    • weight : 455 g
    • Apprx. Capacity : 300 ml
    • total height : 14.3 cm
    • mug diameter : 12 cm
    • mug height : 8 cm
    • material : Dehua high-fire porcelain

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