Picking Tea in Laoshan

Each little bud, hand picked one at a time!

May 19, 2017

"See - look how much work it is... Here, it is like this - one at a time.
Just one bud, one bud at a time." - Mr. He
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In his own words, Mr. He explains the work that goes into picking his family’s Laoshan teas.

In the early spring, their fields are covered in two layers of greenhouse protection, and each leaf and bud is picked one at a time. It takes about 100-150 leaves and buds for 50g of fresh leaves, and 5 jin (2.5 jg) of fresh leaves to make one finished jin (500g) of dried tea. That means every 500g of finished tea contains between 5000 and 7500 buds and leaves!


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  1. Odelia Baker

    As I sit here at my desk drinking my Laoshan tea – I am watching the video of Mr. He. I too am very grateful for all the hard work that is done so I can enjoy a wonderful cup of tea. There are no words to describe the many thanks, much love, overwhelming gratitude, and abundant blessings I send to the He family.

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