Verdant Tea

2021 Old Tree Wulong Dancong

2021 Old Tree Wulong Dancong


Crafted by Huang Rui Guang

Huang Ruiguang is an award-winning nationally-recognized master & published author. He is respected for his work expanding and modernizing tea agriculture in Fenghuang.
  • true
    white pepper, galangal
    barley, clay
    candied citrus, neroli
    jasmine oil
    seeping, cooling, lingering

    Tasting Profile

    • spice - white pepper, galangal
    • savory - barley, clay
    • vegetal - burdock
    • fruit - candied citrus, neroli
    • floral - jasmine oil
    • texture - seeping, cooling, lingering
    • DATE OF PICKINGSpring 2021
    • Wudong ShanGuangdong Province
    • WulongTea Varietal

    The new 2021 harvest is now available!

    This Old Tree Dancong is picked from tree stock over one hundred years old. These trees are allowed to grow wild on the mountainside, and are only picked once a year in small quantities to allow the trees to continue growing. The deeper roots take up more minerals and the long history of the tree means that as a fighter, the plant has produced more polyphenols to fend off threats than cultivated plants, giving it a richer more complex flavor as a result. Master Huang leans on over fifty years of nationally-recognized and awarded work in tea to direct his sons in hand-finishing this limited harvest tea.

Huang Ruiguang also recommends

  1. 2022 Da Wu Ye Dancong
    2022 Da Wu Ye Dancong
    Da Wu Ye is a truly unique varietal in its intense savory and spicy notes. While most Dancong is all about perfumed floral aromatics, this tea is about texture and flavor. Da Wu Ye varietal takes its name from the unusually large deep green leaves. This harvest comes from mid-elevation Wudongshan stock, picked once a year and processed over 24 hours to bring out the deep savory undertones.
  2. 2022 Ba Xian Dancong
    2022 Ba Xian Dancong
    八仙 or Ba Xian references the eight Taoist immortals, a truly evocative name for a truly unique tea. Huang Ruiguang says that originally, there were eight trees growing next to each other, each with a different flavor and appearance, like the Taoist Immortals. Today, five of the eight original trees still remain. Huang Ruiguang’s tree has one of the most perfectly situated east-facing high elevation slopes on Wudongshan, earned for a lifetime of contribution to Fenghuang as an agricultural pioneer and master taster. His Ba Xian Dancong is lush and juicy, full of tropical flower and fruit flavors, coaxed out over 24 hours of intense hand processing.
  3. 2022 Ji Long Kan Dancong
    2022 Ji Long Kan Dancong
    Huang Ruiguang’s Ji Long Kan Dancong is an incredibly unique high elevation tea. The Ji Long Kan tea tree gets its name from its similarity to a "chicken pen" in appearance. Huang Rui Guang and his sons hand picked and hand processed over 24 hours of continuous intensive labor to bring out all the nuanced fruit and florals. The biodiversity of the region and unique microclimate lends a cooling ‘yun’ sensation to this tea for a persistent and commanding taste experience. Master Huang's work in Dancong tasting and agriculture has won him countless awards and recognition, a biography in a 2015 published book on the history of Dancong, and leadership in every convention and tasting event in Guangdong. This tea represents his personal selection to represent the absolute best of what his family produces, and only a few kilograms are available each year. We are excited for the chance to share this incredibly rare tea.
  • 'An accomplished technical master of tea, Huang Rui Guang is affectionately called a ‘modern tea sage’ by many. He likes to say that one love is enough in life, and his is tea. This excerpt is an attempt to portray a small piece of one man’s contributions to and love of tea'

  • 5-10
    20 seconds
    6 seconds
    room temp
    8 hours

    Steeping Instructions


    5-10 g.6-8
    use 208° watersteep 20 secondsresteep many times
    add 10 sec. each infusion


    10 g.6 ozuse 208° watersteep 6 seconds
    add 4 sec. per steeping
    enjoy many steepings


    5 g.12
    use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
    8 hours
    add ice & enjoy

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