Tea Ceremony and Cha Dao

Learning from Li Xiangxi

September 16, 2016

"The person brewing is not leading. We are just one part. We are serving the tea and those around us. We are not the master; the master is tea." - Li Xiangxi
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In her own words, Li Xiangxi teaches about the connection between tea and “Cha Dao” – the way of tea – revealing how the practice of tea gives form to subtle philosophical and spiritual ideas.

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  1. Lou Marrella

    I very much enjoyed watching Li Xiangxi explain the connection between cha yi and cha doa. Though I have never heard these phrases before, having brewed tea from the heart for many people for well over a decade, I completely understand the distinction. I can create a peaceful setting, choose appropriate teas for specific people, and show people how to taste tea; but it is up to the other person to find peace, slow down, and truly ‘see’ the tea.

    • Lily Duckler

      Thank you, Lou! This is something we think about all the time, and it is wonderful to hear about it from both you and Li Xiangxi. Though no one can force these ideas on others – no matter how much we may care for our friends or family – I do believe that creating this space and this opportunity are critical.

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