In the Workshop: Laoshan Black tea

behind the scenes with Mr. He and Qingqing

June 21, 2019

"This tea - it has such a fine mouthfeel. The thickness, the sweetness... the oxidation brings it all out." - Mr. He
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In their own words, Mr. He and Verdant co-owner He Qingqing take us behind-the-scenes at their family workshop to show the meticulous care that goes into making their famous Laoshan Black tea.

In the video, the He Family is working on finishing their Reserve Laoshan Black tea – the first Da Tian harvest of the spring, after the greenhouse covers come off for the season. Made entirely of tender buds, the tea leaves oxidize for at least eight hours, after being picked, withered, heat-fixed twice and curled, and before being dried and finished. As Mr. He explains, they can work with up to 900 jin (450kg) of fresh leaf at a time when making black tea. After over 8hrs of work, those fresh tea leaves will become just about 200 jin (100kg) of finished Laoshan Black tea.


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