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Introducing our New Tasting Journal Newsletter

Introducing our New Tasting Journal Newsletter

Introducing our New Tasting Journal Newsletter

subjective tastings & behind the scenes insights ,delivered to your inbox

November 2, 2018

We are lucky to represent some of the finest tea producers in the world. From the He Family’s innovative stoic farming on the ocean-facing slopes of Laoshan in the far north to Huang Ruiguang’s award-winning nationally-recognized work establishing the craft of Dancong in the far south, we get to share the best of the best, because of our relationships built on years of trust and respect.

One thing that has always bothered me is how confining product pages can be in expressing just how incredible some of the teas we get to taste truly are. So much of what separates good tea from the best tea in the world is in the texture, the arc of the aftertaste, and the way everything interacts with each subsequent steeping. So much of what makes me passionate about the teas that I get to represent just can’t be captured in a standard objective format.

That is why I have decided to start sharing regular tasting journals in a new newsletter. Every few days, I will be exploring more of the collection in depth, sharing everything from vertical tastings of the effects of aging on a specific sheng pu’er, to a focus on a single stand-out and the story of how it can to be.

These tasting journals are intentionally informal and intentionally subjective – the way I’d be talking about a tea if we could all taste it together in person.

I hope to taste through every tea in the collection, giving each tea its dedicated space and time to show off what makes it great. I’ll be sharing these journals as I go. If you are interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look at our friends and partners teas, and some fun backstory on the people behind the scenes making this all happen, I’d be honored to have you subscribed to this new journal.

As an extra incentive to read all the way to the end, every tasting journal will come with a daily offer, usually a coupon code or other discount that highlights what we’ve been tasting.

Sign up for our tasting journal, delivered to your inbox. Taste along with us, and don’t hesitate to reply with tasting thoughts, questions and ideas of your own. We love talking tea!


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