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Jingdezhen Flower Petals Tea Set

Jingdezhen Flower Petals Tea Set


Crafted by Yong Jing Tang

This fully hand made Jingdezhen porcelain tea set includes one gaiwan and 4 cups. 

The large gaiwan is hand painted in "qing hua" (blue and white) with a cascading geometric pattern of deep blue flower petals. The drum shaped cups are hand painted in a matching design. 

The non-reactive porcelain is fine and lustrous, thin and translucent in the light. 

To complete the the form and meticulous painting of each piece in a set like this, it requires the work of many different specialized craftspeople over about two weeks.

Materials: hand made Jingdezhen porcelain

Gaiwan Capacity: apprx. 125 ml
Gaiwan Height: 9 cm
Bowl Diameter: 9.25 cm
Saucer Diameter: 10.25 cm

Cup Capacity: apprx. 55 ml
Cup Height: 4.25 cm
Cup Diameter: 7 cm

includes padded storage + gift box


"Each piece of hand made and hand painted Jingdezhen therefore

represents a beautiful collaboration between many different artists

and craftsmen. Through the work of a designer, the talents of many

can be organized to produce beautiful works of art that fit into the

palm of your hand."


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