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Jingdezhen Gold Banded Cup

Jingdezhen Gold Banded Cup


Crafted By Jingdezhen Gold Banded Cup

This fully hand made Jingdezhen porcelain cup is hand painted and adorned with gold in bands on the rim and base. Detailed flower blossoms fill the conical cup in traditional blue and white, accented by gold leaf. The tall cup is designed to capture and emphasize aroma, making it ideally suited for aromatic teas. The non-reactive porcelain is fine and lustrous, thin and translucent in the light. The gold and porcelain painting in this piece are fired separately, at different workshops and by different specialists; to complete the the form and painting of a fully hand made piece like this, it requires the work of many different specialized craftsmen over several days.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand made : yes
    • hand painted : yes
    • cup diameter : 5.6 cm
    • cup height : 7 cm
    • origin : Jingdezhen
    • material : porcelain, gold

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