Verdant Tea

Landscape Gaiwan

Landscape Gaiwan


Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

The Peng Yuan Studio achieves some of the thinnest and most lustrous porcelain we have seen in De Hua. This gaiwan shape is well-designed and easy to pour. The landscape motif is entirely hand-painted. A pattern as detailed as this landscape takes years of practice, a good eye and a steady hand. Such highly vitrified porcelain is almost completely non-reactive so the aroma of your tea can be as true as possible.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand painted : yes
    • Apprx. Capacity : 4-5 oz
    • height : 8 cm
    • saucer diameter : 10 cm
    • saucer height : 2 cm
    • bowl diameter : 10 cm
    • bowl height : 4.5 cm
    • cover diameter : 7.5 cm
    • cover height : 3 cm
    • origin : de hua

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