Laoshan Village has remained a clean and pure environment for tea growing largerly thanks to the reverence for the environment inspired by the Taoist temples on the mountain. Indeed, the Taoist monks were the first to grow Laoshan green tea. During our last trip to Laoshan, Mr and Mrs He insisted that we go pay our respects at Taiqing Temple, and a small back-alley temple to the local god of the sea.

Mr He opens the gate to the local Taoist temple in Laoshan
Mr. He opens the gate to their family’s temple to the local ocean god.


Laoshan Temple Interior Courtyard
The inner courtyard of the He Family Temple


He Family Incense Urn
He family incense urn, smashed in the Cultural Revolution


Laoshan Temple Architectural Ornaments
Decorative roof ornaments at He Family Taoist Temple


Mr He Climbs Laoshan
Mr. He climbs Laoshan Mountain to the main temple


Ritual Bell at Laoshan Temple
Ritual Bell at Laoshan Taoist Temple


Mr and Mrs He at Laoshan Temple
Mr and Mrs He leave an offering at Laoshan Temple


Ornaments at Laoshan Temple
Roof ornaments at Laoshan Temple