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Longquan Celadon Gaiwan

Longquan Celadon Gaiwan


Crafted By Xiang Fu

This fine and lustrous Longquan celadon gaiwan is part of the high-end Xiangfu ‘Ge Song’ Series, relying on hand craftsmanship and fine glazing fired at higher temperatures. The celadon crackles while firing for beautiful patterns in the gaiwan. FIne crystalline formations are visible under light and make the entire gaiwan shine. This celadon is highly vitrified, meaning it very accurately reflects aroma without interacting with the tea. The fine detail work on the lid handle, and the deep rimless saucer are graceful modern touches that make this a piece XIangfu is proud to offer.

  • Technical Specifications

    • apprx. Capacity : 125ml
    • hand made : entirely
    • kiln : longquan
    • bowl diameter : 9.5 cm
    • bowl height : 4.5
    • lid diameter : 8
    • lid height : 2.5
    • saucer diameter : 11.5 cm
    • saucer height : 2.5

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