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Mini Celadon Presentation Saucer

Mini Celadon Presentation Saucer


Longquan Celadon Saucer

This saucer is perfect as a tea boat for modern gongfu brewing where you skip a full tea board. The saucer will catch any small drips from your teapot or pitcher and act as a beautiful understated backdrop while you brew.

The saucer also works beautifully as a paring with any saucerless celadon gaiwans in the collection if you prefer the look and feel of a saucer set-up, but is equally at home with an yixing pot.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 164 g
    • diameter : 11.5 cm
    • height : 2.5 cm
    • material : Longquan celadon
    • hand glazed : yes

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