Tea is all about giving. Talk to any of our tea farmer friends and they will start the conversation with a cup of tea, freely given. For us and for our friends in China, there is no better expression of hospitality. When picking out your holiday gifts, rely on over a thousand years of commonsense wisdom- tea is the best gift ever.

So, why give the gift of Verdant Tea? Our work to support and sustain six individual farmer families in China guarantees us some of the most unique and fresh teas in the world, all while helping devoted families in China give back to their communities, innovate, and protect their environment. When you give the gift of Verdant Tea, everyone wins – you get access to exclusive teas unavailable anywhere else,  your friends and family get to enjoy the best tastes out there, and our partner farmers earn an excellent living.

Where do you start? We have put together a few gift ideas for every occasion, from fun stocking stuffers, to carefully assembled experience kits. Check out our recommendations below:



Tea Samplers

While we can’t argue with the traditional candy canes and plush toys, we think our assorted sample sets are an exciting complement to your stocking stuffer gift list. Give the gift of three teas in one go, inviting your lucky friend to explore a wide variety of flavor.





Give the gift that is appropriate to the season- explore our collection of fresh picked autumn harvests, including a rich and creamy November Tieguanyin, and a crisp and sweet Laoshan Green. Everyone knows to look for fresh-roasted coffee- now you can look for fresh-picked tea as you find the perfect gift.

Shop Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green >>
Shop Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin >>
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Experience Kits: Tea is a blast on its own, and now we’ve created fun experience kits that pair our teas with work from our local Minnesota partners, including truffles and fine honey. Give the gift of a fun tasting experience that brings together tasting tea and other fine tastes.

Cozy Morning Gift Set >>
Afternoon Tea Gift Set >>
Tea + Tea-Infused Truffles Gift Set >>
Tea + Holiday Truffles Gift Set >>




Popular Classics: There are some teas that never go wrong. If you or your friends are new to Verdant, show off the most popular and beloved teas in our collection including Laoshan Black, Laoshan Green, Yunnan White Jasmine, and Hand Picked Tieguanyin. These are the teas we come back to again and again, celebrating each new harvest, and the reason that people love Verdant Tea.

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Shop Laoshan Green Tea >>
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Shop Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin >>



If you are giving a gift, why not choose something that gets better and better with time? Cakes of Master Han’s pu’er are great investments, getting richer, sweeter and more complex as they age. Try a beautiful cake of Qianjiazhai Sheng for a tea with real investment potential, or a brick of Master Han’s 2002 Shu Pu’er wrapped in banana leaf for aging.

Qianjiazhai 2012 Old Growth Sheng Pu’er >>
Master Han’s 2002 Shu Pu’er >>
Master Han’s 2004 Loose Leaf Shu Pu’er >>




Our Terroir Gift Sets focus on a single region and single family to show off the full scope of flavor that they work with. Invite your friend to discover and come to understand the tea and deep flavors of a region.

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Sometimes you are looking for an extravagant gift for someone special. Don’t stop at loose leaf tea – give a unique tea ware set with teapots, gaiwans, cups and more. From Partial-Glaze Tea Sets, to gorgeous Metallic Jingdezhen Teapots, we have the perfect accompaniment to the finest teas.  

Metallic Jingdezhen Teapots >>
Jingci Huoci Fish & Flowers Tea Sets >>
Jingci Huoci Flower Gaiwan Set >>




Know someone who is a huge tea fanatic? Let them try a sample set of our rarest Reserve offerings, including experimental new harvests, and the best pickings our farmer friends produce.  Quantities limited: available while supplies last.

Reserve Sample Pack >>




If you need a gift and don’t have time to wait for shipping, sign your lucky friend up for our Tea of the Month Club, Blends Club, or Bundle Club. We will take care of picking out the best teas and deliver straight to your tea lovers’ doorstep for as many months as you want to gift. Since you can purchase this ahead of time, there is no need to wait for teas to ship to tell your friend about their gift. Our subscription club features gift term options, and the best, freshest and most seasonally appropriate teas available.