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"Mountain Pavilion" Full Gongfu Tea Set

"Mountain Pavilion" Full Gongfu Tea Set

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Crafted by Peng Yuan Qing Hua

This impressive gaiwan and pitcher set features a peaceful hand-painted scene highlighting a secret tea pavilion in the mountains.

Pengyuan Qinghua Studio turns all of their own ultra-thin porcelain, vitrified at an extremely high firing temperature for teaware fine enough to amplify tea’s aromatics and allow light to pass through, giving each piece a glowing quality. The brushwork on this piece shows off the artist's skill at both detail in the pavilion itself, and gestural washes and abstraction on the rock face and cherry blossoms. These matching pieces are fully vitrified and non-reactive, meaning they fully amplify the tea’s natural aromatics, making it perfect for serious tasting.

This set is paired with two purple porcelain teacups high-fired in Longquan to help amplify your tea's aromatics, plus matching saucers for each cup.

Materials: Hand Painted Porcelain

Pitcher Capacity: 180 ml

Gaiwan Capacity: 160 ml

Cup Capacity: 90 ml

Includes: gaiwan, (2) cups + saucers, pitcher

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