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Masterwork Nixi Pottery Small Kirin Pot

Masterwork Nixi Pottery Small Kirin Pot


Crafted By Dangzhen Pichu

This is the most traditional teapot form in Tibetan Nixi village, used in ancient times over a brazier to keep tea hot through the day so that it is always ready for visitors. Many households in Nixi still use a prized pot of this shape to brew pu’er with yak butter and a pinch of salt. The elaborate carving and sculpting work depicts an auspicious Tibetan Kirin, slightly different from the Chinese Qilin. The silver sweeping across the form is a rare effect of firing called yaobian that is highly sought after because it can only occur through chance during traditional bonfire firing. The interior of the pot is rough-hewn, leaving intentional indentations to show the role of the artist. Note the dent on the side of the pot, an artifact from the coarse clay mix dislodged in firing, but cherished as part of the natural chance-process of creation. This piece will absorb the flavor and aroma of tea over time and build a beautiful patina like Yixing.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 383 g
    • apprx. capacity : 315 cc
    • apprx. pour time : 25 s.
    • height : 13.5 cm
    • length : 14 cm
    • lid opening : 2.5 cm
    • hand made : completely

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