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Now Picking: 2020 Shi Feng Dragonwell!

Now Picking: 2020 Shi Feng Dragonwell!

Now Picking: 2020 Shi Feng Dragonwell!

this year's first harvest began March 21st

March 23, 2020

This weekend, Mrs. Li was excited to begin picking her family’s first harvest of Shi Feng Longjing for the 2020 spring season!

Picking this year began on Saturday, March 21st. While Mrs. Li and her neighbors in Shi Feng were originally anticipating a March 15th picking date, cold weather pushed the picking date in Shi Feng (Lion’s Peak) back by a full week.

Li Xiaoping picks Longqing on Shi Feng (03-21-20)
Shui Huamin in the workshop (03-21-20)
Mrs. Li’s fresh tea leaves (03-21-20)

Mrs. Li is working hard with her siblings and with her husband, Shui Huamin, to pick and finish her first Dragonwell green tea harvests of the year, and expects to continue picking through early April this year.

All of the harvests right now are Ming Qian pickings (picked before Qing Ming Festival, which falls on April 4th this year). The colder weather right before the first harvest of the year will mean a shorter picking window before the spring rains arrive, but should make for noticeably sweeter tea.

If you would like to reserve a part of Mrs. Li’s spring harvests this year, pre-orders for Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell green teas are currently open.

Mrs. Li’s Longjing #43 growing at the top of Shi Feng
Mrs. Li is excited to share her spring harvests with you!
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