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Oil Spot Gaiwan

Oil Spot Gaiwan

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Crafted By Lin Xi

Oil Spot, or you di is one of the oldest and most traditional Song Dynasty forms. Award-winning master-potter Lin Xi has done years of research on ancient techniques and in his unique one-man studio, is working to revive the ancient art of you di glazing, sourcing and blending his clay and glazing material from the original mineral deposits tapped in the Song Dynasty. This unique gaiwan was fully hand-thrown, with glazes hand blended and dipped, and fired in tiny batches dependent on the whims of weather and kiln heat patterns to achieve the desired effect.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand thrown : yes
    • hand glazed : yes
    • weight : 400 g
    • apprx. capacity : 130 ml
    • diameter : 10 cm
    • bowl diameter : 10 cm
    • height : 9.5 cm
    • bowl height : 6 cm
    • certificate : hand-signed

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