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Oolong Varietals in Daping, Anxi

Oolong Varietals in Daping, Anxi

Oolong Varietals in Daping, Anxi

Biodiversity is King in Master Zhang's fields

March 11, 2016

"Every kind of tea has its own worth." - Master Zhang
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In his own words, Master Zhang describes the differences between different Anxi oolong tea varietals growing in his fields above Daping, Anxi. From Mao Xie and Tieguanyin to Mei Zhan, Qilan and Ben Shan, a wide variety of cultivars grow side-by-side.

Each cultivar is unique, both in appearance and in flavor and aroma. Many of these bushes have been growing for over a hundred years, and for generations, the different varietals have grown side-by-side to create rich biodiversity in the fields.

As Master Zhang explains: “Every tea has its own worth.”

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