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2021 Qianjiazhai Sun Dried Black Tea

2021 Qianjiazhai Sun Dried Black Tea

available loose leaf and in 250g pressed Xiao Jin Gua

Crafted by the Dongsa Cooperative

The Zhenyuan Dongsa Cooperative was established to be a steward to the oldest tea forest in the world, wild-foraging in Qianjiazhai in Mt. Ailao and hand-finishing every leaf using traditional craft.
  • true
    marigold honey, jasmine
    redwood, star anise
    pineapple, juniper, muscat
    bay leaf
    toasted wild rice
    cooling, sparkling

    Tasting Profile

    • floral - marigold honey, jasmine
    • spice - redwood, star anise
    • fruit - pineapple, juniper, muscat
    • vegetal - bay leaf
    • savory - toasted wild rice
    • texture - cooling, sparkling
    • DATE OF PICKINGApril 2021
    • QianjiazhaiMt. Ailao, Yunnan
    • ELEVATION2140 m
    • Qianjiazhai AssamicaTea Varietal

    The new 2021 harvest of this tea is now available!
    available loose leaf and in 250g Xiao Jin Gua pressing

    This tea is wild-foraged by the Li Family of the Dongsa Cooperative within the Mt Ailao National Forest Preserve. The silvery buds and twisting golden leaves are picked from ancient tea trees between one hundred and eight hundred years old scattered between other evergreens, and wildflowers on the rocky mountainside. This labor-intensive tea to harvest is actually allowed to sun-roast and oxidize without applying heat in a wok. Because more moisture is retained in the leaf, this black tea is a fantastic candidate for aging like traditional sheng pu’er. Only a high-elevation remote place like Qianjiazhai can count on enough sunlight in the spring for this old but rare finishing technique. The result is a tea with the sweet malt of a black tea but the staggering complexity and herbaceous undertones of a sheng pu’er. A true standout!

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  • 'However much moisture the tea wants to release, that is how much evaporates…. If you roast it at high temperatures, you are changing what it wants. The tea wants to hold on to a little moisture, but the [high] heat forces it out...'

  • 5
    20 seconds
    10 seconds
    room temp
    8 hours

    Steeping Instructions


    5 g.6-8
    use 212° watersteep 20 secondsresteep many times
    add 10 sec. each infusion


    5 g.6 ozuse 212° watersteep 10 seconds
    add 2 sec. per steeping
    enjoy many steepings


    5 g.12
    use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
    8 hours
    add ice & enjoy

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