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  • Pu’er Tasting Gongfu Set

    Our friends at the Xingyang Pu’er Workshop do some of the cleanest most technically precise fermentation we have seen. Their brewing recommendations are unique among all of our partners as they prefer a full minute brew of their shu pu’er. Such a long brew requires a larger gaiwan and thicker pitcher to help retain as much heat as possible. The purple Longquan porcelain gaiwan and cups are non reactive high-fired pieces that deliver the true, sweet aromas of fine shu pu’er. The Longquan celadon pitcher is a beautiful color contrast, while the tea board catches any drips and the first wash.

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  • Dancong Oolong Gongfu Set

    Our mentor Huang Ruiguang is an award-winning published author, taster and technical master responsible for teaching much of the next generation in Fenghuang how to grow and finish Dancong. His brewing style is surprisingly simple. His ideal tea set is one that doesn’t get in the way of great conversation with friends and leaves room on the table to switch out a dozen gaiwans for comparative tasting and teaching. This painted landscape tea set is high-fired porcelain with enough capacity to fit big twisted dancong leaves. No strainer is needed, since fine dancong is so big that the leaves stay in the gaiwan while pouring.

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  • Gilded White Porcelain Tea Set

    Our friends at the Peng Yuan Qing Hua studio in Dehua have produced this stunning set of gilded porcelain tea ware with a beautiful blue green tint to the porcelain, highlighted by bands of gold. This elegant collection includes everything you need to brew fine tea- a gaiwan, two cups, a strainer and a pitcher. The whole set is crafted from highly vitrified non-reactive porcelain to give your teas a clear, focused and true aroma and flavor.

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  • Nesting Cup Glass Brewer Set

    This compact brewer is perfect for travel, camping, and space-conscious brewing. The nesting porcelain cups are thin and fine enough for careful sipping and tasting. The glass brewer comes with a brew insert that can be removed with the leaves when the tea is perfectly steeped. The wood handle on the brewer is a stylish touch that protects you from the heat of steeping tea.

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  • Create Your Own Tea Set

    Build your own custom tea set with this flexible tool. Pick out your favorite pieces and see how everything comes together, all in the builder!

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