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Shui Ji Jian Zhan Hare’s Fur Glaze Pitcher

Shui Ji Jian Zhan Hare’s Fur Glaze Pitcher


Crafted By Huang Changfa Electric Kiln

This pitcher was hand-crafted by master ceramicist Huang Changfa using the same clay and glazing of Shui Ji used by Song Dynasty potters when they first discovered the hare’s fur style. This technique is recreated in an electric kiln by adding pine needles during firing to affect the glazing patterns. The base is left unglazed for a beautiful contrast. Due to natural variation during firing, the patterns on each pitcher will be slightly different.

  • Technical Specifications

    • diameter : 8.5 cm
    • height : 7.5 cm
    • apprx. capacity : 130 ml
    • made in : Shui Ji
    • kiln : electric
    • hand made : yes
    • certificate included : yes

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