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Simple Zhu Ni Yixing

Simple Zhu Ni Yixing


Crafted By Fan Chunfeng

This deep lustrous zhuni clay is has been expertly hand crafted by Fan Chunfeng. The form evokes a gourd, set off by a graceful raindrop shaped lid handle. The large lid makes this pot a great choice for large strip-style oolongs. The already lustrous clay will continue to grow and patina over time. The fit of the lid is an impressive testament to Fan Chunfeng’s skill.

  • Technical Specifications

    • clay : Zhu Ni
    • apprx. capacity : 220 ml
    • spout to handle : 13.5 cm.
    • height : 8 cm.
    • diameter : 9.5 cm
    • lid diameter : 6 cm.

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