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Storm Grey Stone Top Tea Board

Storm Grey Stone Top Tea Board


Crafted By Xiangfu

The tea board is the foundation of gongfu tea, and this is solid foundation indeed, formed from a beautiful piece of hewn stone. The choice of material is a critical piece of the overall balance of a gongfu set up, and stone brings in a sense of groundedness, while reflecting on the rocky textural complexity of fine tea. The stormy grey of this board turns dark and lustrous as hot water is poured over it, and the water flows down the channel along the edges to drain to maintain a clean modern look. For modern gongfu ceremony, cap the drain with the included cap and the board works as a stunning tea boat.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 2830 g
    • length : 41 cm
    • width : 19 cm
    • height : 4 cm
    • drain : with tube and pump
    • material : natural stone and wood

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