Verdant Tea

Swirling Cloud Tea Tray

Swirling Cloud Tea Tray


Crafted By Xiangfu

This beautiful hardwood tea tray from Xiangfu Design Studio embraces their humble origins as a small workshop of bamboo crafters. The Chinese name 水云间 literally means “the space between clouds and water,” an evocative image that inspires the cut channels that serve as the drain for water poured during tea ceremony to run into the hidden tray underneath. The channels mirror the steam on a just brewed cup of tea rising and swirling, priming the tea board as a special “space” for tea.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 1300 g
    • length : 37 cm
    • width : 26 cm
    • height : 5.5 cm
    • material : stained bamboo
    • tray material : composite veneer

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