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Masterwork "Yan Yun" Teapot

Masterwork "Yan Yun" Teapot

This fully handmade yixing tea pot is one-of-a-kind and available while supplies last

Crafted By Tang Xian Wu

This stunning sculptural piece is National Master Potter Tang Xianwu’s tribute to the scholarly tradition.

Tang Xianwu is famous for her incredible precision and ability to capture a sense of drama, and heightened ritual while pulling off an effortless grace. This old deposit Yuan Kuang Di Cao Qing clay pot is a perfect example of that grace- adorned with an arrangement meant to evoke the scholar-poet’s studio with natural objects of contemplation, ringed by hewn stone, a scholar’s garden in miniature to bring the sense of self cultivation through connection with nature into tea ceremony.

Tang Xian Wu’s has gained steady fame and accolades over the years, winning awards at every competition, so we are excited to still be able to offer her work due to a long working relationship. 

    The pictures of this piece speak for themselves, showing off the grace and perfection of the whole piece coming together.

    The name “yan yun” is a play on words. Literally, it could be interpreted as the aesthetic beauty and staying power of rocks - the natural objects of contemplation, but it is also a term co-opted to the world of tea to describe the reverberating cooling tingling aftertaste of fine Wuyi oolong.

    • Technical Specifications

      • clay : Yuan Kuang Di Cao Qing
      • pot name : Yan Yun
      • weight : 225g
      • apprx. capacity : 305cc
      • apprx. pour time : 12 sec
      • spout to handle : 15.5 cm
      • height : 11 cm
      • lid diameter : 6 cm
      • diameter : 7.5 cm
      • includes : collectors' certificate



      June 2005: "He Chang Hu”
      Gold Medal, Guangdong International Tea Expo, Yixing Teapot Competition
      November 2006: “Yu Ru Hu”
      Gold Medal, Eight National Chinese Masters Art Expo
      January 2007: “Long Zhi Quan”
      Gold Medal, 1st Dongfang Arts Expo
      May 2007:Gui Fei Chu Yu”
      2nd Place, New Works 3rd National Yixing Taodu Competition
      November 2007: “Long Dan Hu”
      Gold Medal, Ninth National Gongyi Meishu Masters Expo
      August 2008: “Xu Xin Hu”
      Gold MEdal, First National Rizhao Craft Expo
      January 2009: “Han Xiang You Zhu”
      Gold Medal, Yin Xin Chun Folk Arts Competition
      January 2009: “Zi Yun”
      1st Place, Yin Xin Chun Folk Arts Competition
      March 2009: “He Yun”
      Zhongyi Cup Excellence Award, 7th National Travel Expo
      June 2010: “Liu Fang Da Bin”
      2nd Place Xi Wang Cup Yixing Competition
      September 2011 “Si Da Mei Ren”
      Yi Bo Cup Gold Medal Craft Competition
      May 2012: “Tai Hu Yin Xiang”
      Sheng DIan China Best Original Design Award
      August 2012: “Chan Lian Hu”
      Excellence Award 2nd Xiwang Cup Yixing Competition
      August 2012: “He Ping Ge”
      3rd Place 2nd Xiwang Cup Yixing Competition
      July 2013: “Jing Si”
      Fourth Guangzhou Yixing Pottery Culture Tian Gong Cup, Gold Medal
      June 2014: “Qing Xiang”
      Permanent Collection, Hubei Museum
      October 2014: “Bi Yu Ti Liang”
      Yi Bo Cup Silver Medal
      October 2014: “Ji Yi Dui Hu”
      Jiangxi Pottery Art Competition
      May 2015: “Hua Xue”
      Gold Medal, 12th Annual Shandong Tea Culture Expo
      May 2016: “Hua He”
      Gold Medal Guizhou International Culture Expo
      October 2017:Tian Xuan”
      Silver Medal Jiangxi Pottery Expo
      June 2018 “Miao Man”
      Mei Lan Cup Gold Medal
      September 2018 “Ling Yue Hu”
      Permanent Collection Guangxi Museum
      June 2019 “Man Miao Hu”
      Korean Yixing Competition Gold Medal

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