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Tea Life Complete Modern Travel Set

Tea Life Complete Modern Travel Set


Crafted By Xiang Fu

This complete tea set is cleverly designed to fold up into a beautiful carrying case wrapped in a cloth runner so that you can enjoy full gongfu tea, no matter where life takes you. The long, elegant folding slats tea board has room for four beautiful porcelain cups, tall enough to really capture the aromatics of your tea, along with a porcelain brew pitcher versatile enough to brew anything. The whole set fits back in its formed case, which is secured inside the folding tea board itself. The reversible runner buttons securely around the folded board. includes: (1) runner, (1) folding slats tea board, (1) brewing pitcher, (4) tea cups

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 1447 g
    • carry bag : reversible runner
    • inner bag : travel case
    • draining board : yes
    • brewer : longquan porcelain
    • Brewer Capacity : 200 ml
    • cups : longquan porcelain
    • Cup Capacity : 30 ml

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