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Xingyang was founded in the early 90’s by some of the leading figures in pu’er blending and craftsmanship – including Wu Wei, who helped Xiaguan with their early success.

Xingyang’s founders did not like where their industry was going – money pouring into ads and packaging, and declining quality of sourcing. They struck out to bring integrity back to the blending world.

Xingyang is proud to source from small farmers in clean and remote regions, investing in land and growing communities.

Xingyang’s two dozen master technicians honor the farmers’ work with meticulously slow and clean fermentation, small batch finishing, and only releasing blends in years when the weather suits the profile.

Nothing rushed, and nothing faked. True pu’er for true tea lovers.

Xingyang’s Most Popular Teas

Xingyang Shu Puer Discovery Kit

This bundle includes three tea-stuffed mandarins, one 100g pressing and five 5g pressing of pu'er for 140g total (28 sessions). This selection of unique shu pu'er offerings from Xingyang Workshop premiered in the March 2021 Tea of the Month Club[...]

$43.00 $38.70

  1. 2006 KT988 Shu Tuocha Product
    As low as $8.95
    In stock
  2. 2008 KT952 Loose Leaf Shu Product
    As low as $7.00
    In stock
  3. Xingyang 2002 Golden Leaf Shu Product
    As low as $2.75
    Low Stock
  4. 2007 LQ888 Wuliang Ailao Sheng 2007 LQ888 Wuliang Ailao Sheng
    Low Stock
  5. Shu Pu'er Stuffed Mandarin Shu Pu'er Stuffed Mandarin
    Low Stock
    Quantity remaining:6
  6. Yue Guang Bai Mini-Cake 280g Pack Yue Guang Bai Mini-Cake 280g Pack
    Out of stock.
  7. Xingyang Golden Buds 2008 Shu Xingyang Golden Buds 2008 Shu
    Out of stock.
  8. Xingyang 2013 Big Leaf Sheng Xingyang 2013 Big Leaf Sheng
    Out of stock.
  9. Black Tea Stuffed Mandarin Black Tea Stuffed Mandarin
    Out of stock.
  10. 2007 LQ838 Sheng Pu'er Product
    Out of stock.

Xingyang’s Craft

Over the years, Xingyang Workshop has won dozens of awards
for their unique take on pu’er fermentation.

Their process centers around slow, low-moisture impeccably-clean finishing in tiny batches. The result is sparkling rich and nuanced teas with a textural focus and none of the sour off-aromas of pu’er who fermentation was rushed with poor craftsmanship.

Through careful sourcing, deep lifelong partnerships and investments with tea farmers on the remote mountains of Yiwu, Wuliang, and Ailao for access to old tea tree harvests, uncompromising blending, and fermentation unlike any other brand, Xingyang’s teas are as perfect to drink now as they are worthy of cellaring for years to come.

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