Verdant Tea

Enjoying iced tea is fun, fast, and easy with flash-chilled iced tea!

To brew, start with a double-concentration of your favorite tea.
This can be done by either doubling the leaf or doubling the steep time of hot tea in either a gaiwan, small tea pot, or using a brew basket.

Pour out the concentrated brew into a cocktail shaker full of ice, then shake to cool down the tea quickly.
No shaker? Try a lidded jar or stainless steel water bottle.

Finally, pour the cold tea into a glass with fresh ice and enjoy!


  1. 2021 1st Picking Shi Feng Longjing #43
    2021 1st Picking Shi Feng Longjing #43
    #43 Varietal Dragonwell was specifically bred and selected to bud even earlier than classic Dragonwell in Shi Feng and yields yellower plumper buds th[...]
    Out of stock
  2. 2021 Spring Laoshan Green
    2021 Spring Laoshan Green

    The new 2021 spring harvest is here! Laoshan Green was the first tea produced at Taiqing temple by the Taoist monks of Laoshan. The plants were or[...]

    In stock
    As low as $1.50
  3. 2020 Autumn Mao Xie
    2020 Autumn Mao Xie

    Mao Xie, or Hairy Crab, is a native varietal to Daping. The village is extremely proud to be a birthplace of Maoxie varietal, and Master Zhang is e[...]

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    As low as $1.75
  4. 2021 Mi Lan Xiang Dancong
    2021 Mi Lan Xiang Dancong

    Huang Ruiguang's family Mi Lan Dancong is picked only once a year from single trees that are not pruned back to encourage deeper roots & more r[...]

    In stock
    As low as $2.00
  5. 2020 Zun Sheng Pu'er
    2020 Zun Sheng Pu'er
    This year's Zun harvest is offered in two pressings: 5g dragon pearls (5g, 25g) and 100g cakes. Zun, a designation chosen by the cooperative, means [...]
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    As low as $2.25
  6. 2021 Reserve Spring Tieguanyin
    2021 Reserve Spring Tieguanyin
    Master Zhang has worked for over four decades continuing his family's craft growing true Tieguanyin varietal tea high above Daping village in Anxi. He[...]
    In stock
    As low as $2.50
  7. 2020 Wild Bai Mu Dan
    2020 Wild Bai Mu Dan
    The Wu Family's oldest prized tea bushes growing among wild trees, flowers and bamboo are picked once in the extreme early spring for a bud-only harve[...]
    In stock
    As low as $7.50
  8. 2020 Yunnan White Jasmine
    2020 Yunnan White Jasmine
    This spring harvest pre-Qing Ming tea is traditionally scented and made with Da Bai varietal white tea. Unlike most jasmine on the market, this white [...]
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    As low as $8.75
  9. 2020 Golden Fleece
    2020 Golden Fleece
    This spring harvest Golden Fleece gets its name to honor the soft, rich textural experience of tasting this beautiful small harvest tea. Golden Fleece[...]
    In stock
    As low as $11.75
  10. 2020 Chun Lan Wuyi Oolong
    2020 Chun Lan Wuyi Oolong
    This extremely limited offering is crafted from the Chun Lan varietal, rarely seen outside of Wuyishan. It was originally selected by Li Xiangxi as a [...]
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    As low as $13.50
  11. 2021 Shi Feng Dragonwell Black Tea
    2021 Shi Feng Dragonwell Black Tea

    For the fourth year in a row, Li Xiaoping is sharing her new Dragonwell Black Tea! She uses the same delicate early buds as her famous green tea, [...]

    In stock
    As low as $13.50
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