Verdant Tea

Explore Wuyi "ROCK" teas!

Throughout the month of October, we're celebrating Wuyishan's famous "rock" teas - from Wuyi "Yancha" Cliff Tea Oolongs to wild-picked Tongmu black teas. Learn about this beloved region and craft traditional by exploring the collection and tasting the Li Family's work for yourself!

 Save 15% on the whole Wuyi collection this month, PLUS: get free tea for Rocktober!

We're excited to share our top seasonal picks, so we'll include a free 25g bag of select teas with orders $65 and above.
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What do we mean when we talk about "minerality" in tea?

Minerality is not just the taste of rock. Instead, minerality is our way of understanding a unique texture and physical sensation on the palate that is tingling and precise while being soft at the same time, like the lightest carbonation you could imagine.

This texture creates a sense of contrast that makes aftertastes even sweeter and allows them to build up over time, separate from the aroma.