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Crafted By Lai Xiaohong

We love the low profile of this hand-crafted Lai Xiaohong piece. The wide body is perfect for fluffy teas like dancong and Wuyi oolongs, or sheng maocha. The meticulous calligraphy on this di cao qing ni pot shows two lovebirds perched on a branch. Lai Xiaohong’s signature generous strainer allows for smooth and fast pouring. This strainer has a subtle heart formed inside as a nod to the lovebird carving.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Di cao qing
  • capacity :145cc
  • spout to handle :13.5 cm
  • height :5.5 cm
  • width :9 cm
  • lid diameter :6.5 cm
  • lid height :3.5 cm
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