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Crafted By Xu Yanping

This stunning take on the traditional bamboo motif is an incredible testament to the craftsmanship of Xu Yanping. The difficult to shape three channel spout forms a bundle of bamboo branches with a leaf that swirls off onto the body of the pot. Even the lid handle and pot handle are meticulously crafted with bamboo. The three feet of the pot, normally flat balls or simple curves have been shaped into tiny bamboo shoots to complete the look. The bamboo motif is so popular because it evokes nature in the tea ceremony. Bamboo is especially appropriate since fine te aso often grows alongside bamboo groves.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuan kuang zi qie ni
  • capacity :260 cc
  • spout to handle :14.5 cm
  • height :8 cm
  • width :10 cm
  • lid diameter :6 cm
  • lid height :3 cm
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