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Crafted By Xu Yanping

This bold Xu Yanping teapot is hand-crafted from Huang Long Shan Yuan Kuang Zi Qie Ni. The form is quite traditional, except for the striking lid, which evokes a farmer’s straw hat. To leave the lid uninterrupted, Xu Yanping chose to craft an air-hole into the handle instead. We are extremely excited to represent Xu Yanping this year. Her work is all about bold unexpected strokes and exquisite clay. Xu Yanping is an award-winning master with access to true Huanglong Shan pure mineral deposits, an extremely rare commodity these days.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuan kuang zi qie ni
  • capacity :240cc
  • width :9.5 cm
  • spout to handle :13.5 cm
  • height :7.5 cm
  • lid diameter :6 cm
  • lid height :3 cm
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