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Produced By Wan Yuan Workshop

Part of Wang Yanxin’s guest curator pu’er collection, an opportunity to try unique pu’ers from growing regions and workshops across Yunnan.

Tasting Profile

  • VERY FRUITY – elderberry, orange zest
  • VERY FLORAL – candied rose
  • SAVORY – steamed bun
  • VERY SPICY – licorice root, redwood
Blended ProvenanceYunnan, China
ELEVATIONmixed elevations
Da Ye ZhongTea Varietal

Rose petals have become a highly traditional pairing with shu pu’er, and Wan Yuan workshop’s pressing is a fantastic example of how these two flavors can work together in harmony. The florals of rose are already deep and textural. When they combine with a clean high quality shu pu’er, over time they bring out vaporous spice and texture in the tea. Wan Yuan’s slow clean fermentation means this tea is not weighed down, but rather unfolds delightfully on the pallet, bolstered by 12 years of aging.

Steeping Instructions


7 g.8
use 212° watersteep 1 minuteresteep many times
add 30-40 sec. each infusion


7 g.5  oz.use 212° watersteep 5 seconds
add 10-15 sec. per steeping
enjoy many steepings


7 g.12
use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
(8 to 12 hours)
add ice & enjoy

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