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This bundle includes three 25g bags of Laoshan tea for 75g total (15 sessions)

October is an exciting time in Laoshan – the Autumn harvests are here! Imagine the rocky mountain slopes of Laoshan, baked in the summer sun, finally catching the cool ocean breeze with the fast-changing temperature, and the crisp aroma of leaves turning across the Laoshan National Forest preserve. The teas picked in the perfect window of autumn have the “texture” of autumn; they embody that crisp clean air and the rocky slopes of Laoshan.

The He Family has been looking forward to October’s extra-specialTea of the Month Club box for months, working with us to make sure they could produce enough of these never-before featured special-grade pickings. After a long summer, there is a small window for autumn picking where the tea plant puts out delicate buds again with the sweetness of spring but the complexity of a plant that has fought the elements all summer and survived.

For October’s club box, the He Family is sharing their precious first pickings of the autumn season, the delicate buds available in such small quantities that we’ve never been able to feature them before. This year’s tea is especially precious because rainfall was so scarce through the summer that the yields are all much lower than usual, but much sweeter and richer for the slower growth.


October 2019 Laoshan Club Teas: 


2019 Special Grade Autumn Laoshan Green (25g)

Laoshan’s tea plants can trace their ancestry back to Dragonwell Village, and the earliest green tea from Laoshan truly calls back to the mineral-driven sweetness of Dragonwell style. Mr. He has led the cooperative to develop Laoshan’s own distinctive and bold style full of green bean notes and a deep rich creamy texture. This special grade harvest has all the creamy delicate nuance of spring harvests, but with an underlying herbaceousness and an almost sparkling, mineral-driven after-texture.


2019 Special Grade Autumn Laoshan Black (25g)

The He Family is famous for their pioneering work in bringing black tea craft to Laoshan and for their tea’s iconic chocolatey notes. This special-grade harvest goes beyond the luscious cocoa that the He Family brings out in their teas and reaches new heights with intense honeyed sweetness, an underlying crisp minerality, and a building juicy / almost cooling sensation supported with cherry and herbaceous complexity.


2019 Reserve Autumn Laoshan Osmanthus Black (25g)

In the last year and half, the He Family has begun to experiment with foraging tiny osmanthus blossoms from native Laoshan trees at the peak of their aromatic potency. They use these tiny flowers to scent their famously sweet black tea. In a Laoshan first, the He Family set aside a portion of their very earliest and sweetest budset black tea of autumn to scent with their local osmanthus. The result is a spectacular and elevated blend with dessert-like appeal and a long perfumed aftertaste.