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Produced By Master Zhang

Master Zhang’s family has tended the Tieguanyin of Daping Village for generations. His tea is fed by sweet mountain springs and grows on the cloud-enveloped peaks of Anxi.

Tasting Profile

  • VERY SPICY – aloeswood, redwood
  • VERY SPICY – granite, moss
  • VERY SAVORY – barley, sweet potato
  • FRUITY – lychee, fig, monksfruit
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Daping VillageAnxi, Fujian
Ben ShanTea Varietal

The “Dragonfly” style was the most traditional oolong finishing technique in Anxi before the rolled ball became popular. Master Zhang has been experimenting with this style for years as part of his work as a teacher and community leader for other farmers in Daping. Every year Master Zhang sets aside any interesting standouts for long term aging, which requires re-roasting every year to keep the moisture level as low as possible. The slow process of change brings out deep complexity and dark sweet undertones over many years. This year, Master Zhang is sharing a portion of his personal reserve from early experiments for his revival project, giving us the chance to taste the first truly aged Revival Style Anxi oolong from Daping.

Steeping Instructions


5 g.6-8
use 212° watersteep 30 secondsresteep many times
add 15-30 sec. each infusion


5 g.5  oz.use 212° watersteep 10 seconds
add 3 sec. per steeping
enjoy many steepings


5 g.12
use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
(8 to 12 hours)
add ice & enjoy

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