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Hand Painted Dehua Porcelain

This stunning gaiwan is perfect to use even without a tea board in modern gongfu style with its exaggerated saucer. The delicate painting brings a natural touch to the porcelain that is continued with the removable wood saucer, a perfect contrast against the white. The gaiwan walls are thick to insulate tea while brewing, while the flare is wide for an easy grip while pouring.

Technical Specifications

  • apprx. Capacity :150 ml
  • hand painted :yes
  • material :porcelain
  • height :11 cm
  • bowl height :6.6 cm
  • bowl diameter :9.3 cm
  • saucer height :2.5 cm
  • saucer diameter :15 cm
  • lid height :2.9 cm
  • lid diameter :7.5

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