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Crafted By Pan Yang

This stunning piece is one of Pan Yang’s hand-built masterworks. The rare Ben Shan Duan Ni clay with all of its subtle speckling and rich variation lend an incredible elegance to the piece. The metal handles bring out the warmth in the clay and make a bold visual statement. The earthen vessel shaped into wood, with metal handles for brewing water heated with fire evoke the full Chinese system of elements in a single graceful all-encompassing piece. This teapot is ready for a lifetime of fine tea, with a patina that will grow deeper, darker and more lustrous with every passing year.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuankaung Ben Shan Duan Ni
  • apprx. capacity :341 cc
  • diameter :11.1 cm
  • spout to handle :14 cm
  • height :6.4 cm
  • lid diameter :5.5 cm
  • weight :360 g
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