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Crafted By Chen Zhong Bao

This yixing clay tea pot is simply stunning, especially in person. The gorgeous Di Cao Qing Ni is deep, rich, and just waiting to be seasoned & grow more lustrous over the years. The traditional shi piao form is accented beautifully with meticulously sculpted feet, handle, spout and lid, each evoking natural branches, twisting wood, and worn stone. The elements are both confident and subtle, and come together to create a real masterpiece. Even the internal strainer is sculpted into a wonderfully balanced organic form.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Di Cao Qing ni
  • apprx. capacity :200 cc
  • diameter :10 cm
  • spout to handle :14.5 cm
  • height :7 cm
  • lid opening :5.75 cm

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