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Produced By Master Zhang

Master Zhang’s family has tended the Tieguanyin of Daping Village for generations. His tea is fed by sweet mountain springs and grows on the cloud-enveloped peaks of Anxi.

Tasting Profile

  • FLORAL – violet, crocus
  • SAVORY – cocoa, cream
  • SPICY – juniper, limestone minerality
  • VEGETAL – fresh fennel
DATE OF PICKINGNovember 2018
Daping VillageAnxi, Fujian
Ming Xiang YunTea Varietal

Ming Xiang Yun is a delicate and well balanced cultivar full of violet and crocus florals, deep notes of cocoa, lingering sweet fennel and the textural complexity that comes with Daping’s mineral-laden rocky soil. Master Zhang cultivates this little-seen varietal as part of his commitment to achieving the rich biodiversity, all while maintaining zero-impact agriculture for his Original Ecological Preserve designation.

This tea is pre-packed in individual 5g packets for sizes under 100g.

Steeping Instructions


5 g.6-8
use 212° watersteep 30 secondsresteep many times
add 15-30 sec. each infusion


5 g.5  oz.use 212° watersteep 10 seconds
add 3 sec. per steeping
enjoy many steepings


5 g.12
use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
(8 to 12 hours)
add ice & enjoy

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