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This full gongfu set up includes an elegant tea board whose deep red tones contrast perfectly with the lustrous porcelain. The freeform branch series, hand-painted by the Qing Hua studio, is all about abundance. The branches almost overflow with spring blossoms, standing out in elegant contrast in traditional blue glazing. Blue painting requires the highest firing temperature in porcelain craft, but the result is stunning. This full set includes a tea tray, matching cups, a gaiwan, pitcher and strainer. Each piece is hand-painted, so every branch is unique.

Materials: De Hua porcelain
Pitcher Capacity: 200 ml
Gaiwan Capacity: 150 ml
Cup Capacity: 40 ml
Board Dimensions: 37.x 26 x 5.5 cm
Includes: gaiwan, 2x cups, pitcher, strainer, tea tray