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This full modern gongfu set up includes a long carved tea board to catch any drips while brewing. The carved lines of the board that evoke the topography of a landscape are a perfect pairing for the scholarly porcelain series. This beautiful series features a hand-painted motif drawing on the Tang dynasty tradition of gardens set up for scholarly contemplation and meditation, highlighting the beauty of natural objects like unique rocks and trees through the seasons.  This set includes the topography tea board, unique wide-saucer gaiwan, a pitcher and two pairs of matching cups. Every hand-painted piece is unique.

Materials: De Hua porcelain
Pitcher Capacity: 300 ml
Gaiwan Capacity: 160 ml
Cup Capacity: 55 ml
Board Dimensions: 49.x 14.75 cm
Includes: gaiwan, 4x cups, pitcher, tea board