Li Xiaoping, award winning tea grower in Dragonwell Village, normally serves tea in a tall glass tumbler when you visit her home below the terraced fields on Shi Feng peak. Her reasoning is that if she brews in the most simple way, the tea can only get better when you bring it home and brew with more attention to details.

She personally loves drinking out of porcelain, and thinks that her tea shows even better aroma and texture with porcelain cups. The most important part of brewing Dragonwell is to not cover the tea and to brew with cooler water. That is why a tall glass pitcher is used instead of a gaiwan. The shallow celadon pitcher is used to cool the water before brewing and to catch the finished tea, while the glass pitcher is use for brewing.

Li Xiaoping always recommends leaving a bit of water over the leaves in the glass pitcher between each steeping to protect them from exposure to air.

Includes one (1) gold rim crackle glass pitcher, one (1) long handle celadon pitcher, two (2) bamboo and hardwood tea cups, one (1) hand woven handled bamboo strainer, and one (1) circular bamboo tea tray.