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Crafted By Zhu Huan

This masterful hand-built piece by Zhu Huan balances a perfectly smooth rounded teapot body with strong bold facets. These facets create an arc across the body of the teapot that references the arc and curve of the handle and the spout. The lid handle makes a bold statement with its exaggerated loop. The Yuan Kuang Zi Ni clay is ready for a lifetime of use. Its deep purple and subtle speckling and texture will continue to grow as the pot takes on a patina over time.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuankuang Zi Ni
  • apprx. capacity :225 cc
  • diameter :10.9 cm
  • spout to handle :14 cm
  • height :6.2 cm
  • lid diameter :4.7 cm
  • weight :224.5 g
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