Fan Chun Feng was born in 1978 in the pottery Capitol of China: Yixing, Jiangsu. He was heavily influenced growing up surrounded by the artists and potters, and decided to pursue his own training in Yixing. Fan Chun Feng trained under many of the great masters to gain his certification as an Yixing potter. Over time, he developed his own unique perspective and founded the Fan Family Ceramics Studio. His studio has gained a reputation for bringing together the precision and attention to detail necessary for fine yixing with exquisite form and original design. Fan Chufeng’s work has exhibited in shows across China, earning him both international favor and many gold medals.

His pieces appear in “Modern Chinese Yixing Art” “Fine Tea Pot Registry” and “Yixing Illustrated and “Collecting and and Appreciating Fine Teapots.”

select awards & certificates include:

Fo Shan International Yixing Convention: Gold Medal (2010)
Hand Made Folk Art Exhibition 2008 Gold Medal
Tea Culture Exhibition Teapot Division 2009 Gold Medal
Chinese Art and Craft Master Exhibition Gold Medal

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